2012 New Year

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The Pastor

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Cause and Effect

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Crumbaugh Church

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Bible Stories

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What's Your Story

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The mind

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Fall Colors

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Baby Jesus

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And Now A Word From Your Pastor

Another year has passed and we move forward to see what exciting things await us in the coming new year. For many of us, 2011 seemed to be long and drawn out and for others it seemed like it would not slow down and give us a breather, just for a second. But new beginnings await us, as this year has come to an end.

We must put to rest the things from this past year that may have troubled us or held us back. We now have an opportunity to tell ourselves that everything is new and we can develop new ideas to help relinquish those old concerns.

Our church is no different. The church continually goes through phases and changes based upon what is happening in the lives of our members, our community. The Reverend Sharon and I have witnessed, as have many of you, the highs and lows our church has endured and how it survives with new beginnings and new outlooks. 2012 provides us with a new beginning, progressing in a forward direction in unity with our church board as well as the estate board. Open mindedness, acceptance and a spirit of sharing will
propel us through 2012 in a united, prosperous manner.

Let this be the direction we all take in our lives for this New Year. Let us all look at this as an exciting time; a time to seek the things we desire, for ourselves, our families, our friends, all those we meet, and our church family.

Reverend Sharon and I wish nothing but the highest blessings for all of you and for our beautiful church in this coming New Year. May the Spirit be always with us and guide us in our new beginnings.

Pastor Bob

And Now A Word From Your Pastor

Greetings: Our church ministry consists of two divisions. First, we have our Service people or those who serve at the lectern or platform. This consists of our healers, our sermon givers, our music and instrumentalists, the Pastor and those who assist in Lyceum presentations. Each person who takes on the responsibility to serve in any of these capacities is there to help others as well as themselves have a meaningful and spiritual sense of fulfillment as they attend church service each week.

The second division consists of those who attend our weekly church service, whether they are a member of the church or a non-member. Whether you know it or not, you are part of our ministry. You minister to those around you both in church and outside of church. You do this by your actions and commitment in demonstrating a loving and caring attitude toward others.

A minister does not need to be someone who has taken classes and become ordained but is one who ensures they are in pursuit of right choices and right living and strive to help others do the same. While the appointed minister may give ministry through a blessing, you, as a non-appointed minister may do the same through a handshake or a sincere smile. Any expression of love is a blessing that can be given at anytime, anywhere by anyone.

You are all ministers of this church and your love and attitude are a blessing. Be free with those blessings, give them out and give them away. The more you give, the more blessings are returned to you.

I am asked, why do Reverend Sharon and I make the long trip each week when we live so far away? We come for the blessings that you all give to us each and every week. As we minister to you, you have continuously ministered to us and we are grateful.

Blessings for your love,
Pastor Bob


by Morris Pratt Institute Student, Carol Thomann

What does unity mean to you? When I look around the church today, I see Unity. I see people flourishing within the walls, opening up to spirit, each other and to the teachings of the church. I see growth within each and every one of the people in our congregation. The love that is shared, the interest in what each other has to say, the joy of sharing and the pure joy of communing with our creator. I see people finding joy in other peoples growth, I see people reaching out to help each other. It is a beautiful sight to behold.

Unity, being that we are all one, just seems to be the natural order of things and as we grow and flourish so does our vibration on the whole. It’s lifting us all up higher and higher. The cause and effect of such action is there for anyone to feel and to see and to share. We come from diverse backgrounds, life styles, education, and levels of perception. But when we come together, we cross those divides, and join in a unified harmonious growth that sometimes brings tears to my eyes because it is such a beautiful thing to behold.

It has given me a new perspective on my own growth not only as a person but as a soul living in the physical an being able to cross boundaries that were instilled as a child. We all strive to live in Unity with our world, some challenges are of course greater than others, but we still strive to be one.

What does unity mean to you?

Follow the The Law of Karma

by The Reverend Sharon Bianchi

We often hear in conversation the word “karma” without knowledge of the true meaning of the word. Someone may be going through a bad streak and will say “I must have been a bad person in a past life; I guess it’s my karma.”

Karma is simply the concept of “action” or “deed”. It refers to both positive and negative experiences. Karma refers to the process of cause and effect. Action causes reaction. So, basically, whatever you do, something is bound to happen. In the spiritual realm, with regards to karma, there is no right or wrong. Our spiritual development is about experience and fulfilling our true purpose. Punishment for our sins is a man-made concept designed to control man and is a false concept.

Nothing happens by chance. If you have certain kinds of situations that happen regularly in your life, this is your karma working to help you with what you need to experience. When we properly understand karma, we can acknowledge the retribution we may need to make and the compensation we receive. Even though adherents of karma say we are now living under karmic debts from the past, we need to remember that we have a little thing called “free will”. We are free to choose how we will meet and pay those debts. The freedom of will prevails under Karma.

But remember, Karma can bring forth good or bad, so use care in what you create. I know it sounds simple but anger begets anger and love begets love. Simply remember that “What goes around comes  round” and you will always have good karma.

Rumblings From The President

by Butch Tull -Board President

Thanks, Everyone!

I would like to say a very special Thank You to all who came and helped out with our spring clean- up day. We had a great time. We got a lot of the much needed cleaning done and the Church was sparkling and the garden trimmed when we finished.

We are blessed to have such a fine place to congregate. Spring is here and will be over before we know it. Time to plant new gardens and plow under all the old used up things of the past and focus on planting new thoughts and desires. If you don’t plant it-it won’t grow.

When things get you down, add some good fertilizer to those troublesome thoughts and things will work out. We all tend to focus on the things we can’t change rather than focusing on those we can change. Love life for the good and the bad for it is what made you who you are today. I, for one, would not change a thing. Life brought me here to this church and blessed me with meeting all of you.


P.S. Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers

And Now A Word From Your Pastor

In teaching someone a lesson, it is important to present the information in an understandable and relatable format. It must come in a way   that the person will identity with and be able to visualize. The lesson, then, becomes meaningful, and is able to be put to practical use in their lives.

This format of instruction was used during ancient times, as well as it is today. Scripture and the Bible stories are prime examples of this teaching method. The Bible stories were written for people of that time period, using themes that everyone at that time, could relate to and understand. Many of the stories and instances in the Bible therefore are less historical as they are instructional.

If the same lessons were trying to be taught to us in this day and age, the stories would be different. They would contain different themes and characters and offer us different heroes that we can identify with to be able to understand the true meaning of the story in our lives.

So we could ask the question then, “What are scriptures good for in our lives today?” Even though the stories and characters
are of ancient times, the basic truths of behavior and spirituality are still very much relevant to us in this time period. We can still glean the knowledge of what was trying to be taught and still use it in our lives today.

The Bible is like a classic encyclopedia. The information is valid and timeless. However, it is not a historical record as it is a teaching tool. We must remember to be able to take form these stories the meanings that are relevant to us personally. We can then use these truths to guide us through our human lives and spiritual adventures.

Blessings and Love,
Pastor Bob

It’s All In How You Tell It

by The  Reverend Sharon Bianchi

Stephen Schwartz wrote, ”A man’s called a traitor—or a liberator; A rich man’s a thief—or a philanthropist. Is one a crusader—or a ruthless invader? It ‘s all in which label is able to persist.”

This quote by Schwartz tells us that perspective is the key when you are telling your story. Everything you do, every action you take in your entire earthly life tells your story. When a reporter tells a story, it is usually based on the perception of that reporter. Another reporter might chose to tell the story in a totally different way.

• How is your story being presented to your readers?
• Do you see opportunity rather than challenge?
• Do you offer compassion rather than pity or judgment?
• Are you understanding rather than confrontational?
• Are you a person of acceptance rather than one of hatred?

How well we tell our stories reveal much about us. When we read a few chapters of our story are we proud of who we are or do we cringe become red-faced at some of the things we have recorded?

Change your Thoughts, Change your Results

(excerpted from Terri Norvell’s Blog)

Changing our thoughts can happen in the blink of an eye. It does, however, take desire and commitment to make a change. Often, your desired outcome doesn’t quite line up with your reality. In other words, the results you are getting aren't the results you desire.

Change your thoughts, change your results. When you make that conscious effort to change your thoughts, an amazing thing happens they start to change! Your conscious mind can analyze, and reason and make decisions all day long. Yet, it is responsible for only 4% of your processing and has a weakness-follow through. Now, your subconscious mind is doing 96% of your mental processing. It can monitor a thousand different things at once. It is programmed with all the patterns that run your life. Your subconscious mind records everything you focus on and plays it over and over like a well –worn tape in a recorder.

Yes, we are creatures of habit and habitual thinking. Good for you if you like the results. If not, it may be time to put a clean, new tape in the machine. Reprogram your thinking pattern in your subconscious mind and watch how fast your thoughts and outcomes change.

Rumblings From The President

by Butch Tull - Board President 

Every season has its special beauty and autumn is no exception. Watching the trees turn from a uniform green
to all varieties of gold, yellow and red is a spectacular experience. One can almost be blinded by the fiery
brilliance. How can it be all this beauty is a sign of death and decay so to speak?

With all the beauty there is a certain sadness in knowing that the changing of colors foreshadow the arrival of a long, cold winter. We can rest assured that spring will come and new growth will begin. As mother earth cleanses herself, we as well need to cleanse ourselves to allow our fiery brilliance shine through.

Let us Pray,
Lord, We each and everyone see you shining as the sun. Radiant, bright you are our light. Keep us sheltered in thy sight. In every culture, language, clime, we feel your presence in our time. We look to you and in our way call our our need and daily pray. With peace our present beck and call, Lord, keep us centered one and all. And as we try with all our might keep us striving towards the light.

Amen (Author Unknown)

God bless you all.
Love and Light,


by The Reverend Sharon Bianchi

In the darkness of night a baby called Jesus was born. The world lay bathed in beauty from the brilliant light that shone from a single star.

Quiet little Bethlehem was chosen as the holy place for this birth. In the lustrous beauty of that night three men known to be very wise, with eyes fixed on that star, rode calmly and steadily on their camels with precious gifts clutched to their
chests for the new child. Their hearts were filled with love and with each step of the camels they rode, knowing they were getting closer, their love grew.

Do we cast our eyes upward in the hope of finding a far away heaven or the great light of God that will direct us to what will save us ? In our keener perception do we realize we, too, are children of God? Do we have the slow and steady patience of
the wise men riding camels to move step by step toward the presence of love and truth?

Have we prepared gifts of enduring value that we might carry with us on our journeys so that all we meet can be enriched? Do we bestow on others the gift of our love and our wisdom?

Do our eyes gaze upon the light of God recognizing the love he has given us by his many gifts and blessings? Do we even recognize that the light of truth rests upon us?

In the receiving as well as in the giving we grow and one day may we present to the world the fullness of God’s love as the story of the Christ child’s birth has done for all mankind.