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Pansy Gets A Makeover

On July 3rd, Pansy was loaded and on her way to receive a much needed makeover. Because of the humidity, she had acquired mold and some moisture damage.Once separated from the glass and frame, we could visibly see the clean outline of where Pansy rested for many years

The Board has done extensive research in order to ensure a safe restoration. She will be returned to the church in approximately four weeks and will receive a new frame that should prevent any future damage.

If anyone has any information on Pansy, we would like to know more about her. Please send that information to

Speak Words Mindfully

by Bonnie Crosier, LM

How many times have we recited something from memory and not thought about the meaning of the words we are speaking? I remember from a very early age, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. This was taught at Kindergarten and recited every day through High School graduation. I wonder how many people for how many years didn’t realize the impact those words?

When attending church and Sunday school, we recited The Lord’s Prayer. Again, not giving a second thought to the words that were said. What was the intention that is displayed so eloquently in a verse that is so powerful for our time of this earth plane? Whether they truly are words from God or the author, the fact is that these two writings have been important enough to last many generations.

Why? Could it be there is meaning in the messages? If so, shouldn’t we pay close attention to the meaning? Then shouldn’t we speak those words with meaning? I believe so.

Another grouping of words that are recited each week in church is our nine principles. As the leader on platform leads us, I notice there are times when a few race through these words. These principles were carefully written for us. After all these years later since they were first entered as a vital part of Spiritualism, so that continuity of belief would be followed.

When reciting the different collections, it’s important to know what you are saying and your intentions. Think about the intention the authors had in mind and the intention behind the words. Someone wrote these words from the heart and from love for us to enjoy for so many years later. What wonderful literary gifts. I wish you many blessings and the abundance that will follow when coming from a place of love.