In this age or electronic information, we are able to preserve many valuable pieces that are no longer in print. Click on the picture or the link below if availableto download the information.

Life and Times of S.H. West 

by Simeon West

Life and Times of S.H. West.pdf Life and Times of S.H. West.pdf
Size : 18000.94 Kb
Type : pdf


Great Harmonia

by Andrew Jackson Davis

GreatHarmonia-AJ Davis.pdf GreatHarmonia-AJ Davis.pdf
Size : 13926.089 Kb
Type : pdf


The History of Spiritualism

by Arthur Conan Doyle

HistoryOfSpiritualism_1-Doyle.pdf HistoryOfSpiritualism_1-Doyle.pdf
Size : 6794.576 Kb
Type : pdf


The Salem Seer

by George C. Bartlett

The Salem Seer by G. Bartlett.pdf The Salem Seer by G. Bartlett.pdf
Size : 8123.097 Kb
Type : pdf


Goddena-the unknown god

by S.H.West

Goddena - S.H. West.pdf Goddena - S.H. West.pdf
Size : 7537.354 Kb
Type : pdf


Scribe of Heaven

by Emanuel Swedenborg

Scribe-of-Heaven-web.pdf Scribe-of-Heaven-web.pdf
Size : 2399.818 Kb
Type : pdf


The Magic Staff

by Andrew Jackson Davis

MagicStaff - AJ Davis.pdf MagicStaff - AJ Davis.pdf
Size : 27946.304 Kb
Type : pdf


Hydesville in History

by Mary E. Cadwallander

Hydesville In History.pdf Hydesville In History.pdf
Size : 1180.757 Kb
Type : pdf


Universal Spiritualism

by Wilberforce J. Colville

Universal Spiritualism - Colville.pdf Universal Spiritualism - Colville.pdf
Size : 16471.899 Kb
Type : pdf


Spirit Mediumship & How to

Develop It - by Rev. E.W.Sprague

Spirit Mediumship - Sprague.pdf Spirit Mediumship - Sprague.pdf
Size : 5882.364 Kb
Type : pdf

Life Works of Mrs. Cora

Richmond by Harrison Barrett

Life Work C. Richmond - Barrett.pdf Life Work C. Richmond - Barrett.pdf
Size : 38965.528 Kb
Type : pdf


 A Stellar Key To The Summer

Land by Andrew Jackson Davis

A StellarKeyToTheSummerland.pdf A StellarKeyToTheSummerland.pdf
Size : 5995.711 Kb
Type : pdf


Eusapia Palladino & Her

Phenomena by  H, Carrington

EusapiaPaladino-Carrington.pdf EusapiaPaladino-Carrington.pdf
Size : 17216.426 Kb
Type : pdf


Modern American Spiritualism

by Emma Hardinge Britten

Modern American Spiritualism.pdf Modern American Spiritualism.pdf
Size : 33799.526 Kb
Type : pdf