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We received the following letter from the NSAC Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) member Patricia Horne and were asked to share it with our members. 

Dear NSAC Members and Auxiliaries, 

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we, your Long-Range Planning  Committee (LRPC), offer you our 2020 Long Range Strategic Plan. We  know you have been hearing about “The Plan” for several months now  through the NSAC Newsletter and Monthly Mailings. We now are able to  offer this exciting Plan for you to download. 

The LRPC believes this Plan is the road map to the NSAC being a vibrant,  inclusive, and harmonious community of Spiritualists, and a leading source  on Modern Spiritualism. We believe this Strategic Plan is what the  members of the NSAC asked us for in our 2019 Convention small-group  activity and the follow-up surveys to those not able to attend the  convention. 

In this 2 MB download we share the vision with you. Also, we have  planned 3 Zoom sessions, the first on Thursday, November 12 at 8 PM  EST (5 PM PT), and two on Saturday, November 14 at 12 PM EST (9 AM  PT) & 4 PM EST (1 PM PT). These Zoom meetings will last for 60-90  minutes each for your feedback, questions and answers, and your  comments and thoughts. 

Because we understand this is an extensive document, we have created a  “road map” to help you navigate the Plan. 

The link below consists of the Long-Range Planning Committee Annual  Report documents. We recommend referencing them in the following  order: 

1) NSAC LRPC Annual Report 2020. 

2) NSAC Long-Range Strategic Plan: PLAN OVERVIEW. 3) LRPC Activities Overview Oct 2019-Spring 2020 (explains the  groundwork that led to the Plan document work). 

4) NSAC LONG-RANGE STRATEGIC PLAN 2020-08-31. 5) Attachments to Strategic Plan: 

 a. NSAC LRSP ATTACHMENT 1: Proposed Executive Director  Position Description 

 b. NSAC LRSP ATTACHMENT 2: Proposed Organizational Chart and  Proposed Job Descriptions 

 c. NSAC LRSP ATTACHMENT 2A: Job Description NSAC Board of  Trustees President 

 d. NSAC LRSP ATTACHMENT 2B: Job Description NSAC Board of  Trustees Vice President

 e. NSAC LRSP ATTACHMENT 2C: Job Description NSAC Board of  Trustees Secretary 

 f. NSAC LRSP ATTACHMENT 2D: Job Description NSAC Board of  Trustees Treasurer 

 g. NSAC LRSP ATTACHMENT 3: Actions Requiring Bylaw Changes  h. NSAC LRSP ATTACHMENT 4: Proposed List of NSAC Website  Redesign and Redevelopment Requirements. 

 i. NSAC LRSP ATTACHMENT 5: Proposed Metrics. 

 j. NSAC LRSP ATTACHMENT 6: Pastoral & Board Roles. vKHQ1?usp=sharing 

We welcome your feedback and questions. If you have questions you  believe should be addressed at our Zoom meetings, please send us an E mail with your inquiries and thoughts. 

You may E-mail us at: if you are interested in  attending one of the Zoom sessions. Please specify which date and time  you would prefer, and we will send you the Zoom link closer to the date.  You may attend as many Zoom meetings as you would like. 

All of us on the Long-Range Planning Committee are grateful to be of  service in making the NSAC a vibrant, inclusive, and harmonious  community of Spiritualists, and a leading source on Modern Spiritualism;  come and join us on this journey. We look forward to hearing from you! 

NSAC Long-Range Planning Committee 

Steven J. Vogel, Chair 

Rosemary Calderalo 

Charvonne Carlson 

Bonnie Darby 

Patricia Horne 

Jackie Reeves 

Alice Robertson 

Norma Turner

Online Service this Sunday via Zoom! Join us!

Join us this Sunday for an online service. We have the capacity for 100 visitors to join us...first come first serve. You can join with a pc, laptop, smart phone, or call in for audio participation.

Due to what they call "Zoom Bombing" please email me at for the meeting number. I will add you to the contact list and you will get personal invitations to the services. Every week there will be a new MEETING NUMBER and PASSWORD. It will be in your personal invitation.  We can no longer publish the meeting number due to increased incidents of hacking and braking up of Zoom meetings, so please email me and I will send it to you. ROBIN HODSON will be the speaker this Sunday.


It is more important than ever to keep contact with each other and to keep our faith and belief strong! It was a great success last week! We have people from all over the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, and Switzerland online and so our service is international!

If you have used Zoom before just go to Zoom and put the meeting number in once I have emailed it to you. If you have not done this before go to and it will prompt you to download their app. Follow the directions and then type in the meeting number when instructed. You can also join via the telephone if you do not have a computer of smartphone. Some people have experienced audio difficulties. If your audio is a problem you can call in with a phone while getting the video from your computer. If you have any questions you can contact Butch or Nancy R.