ROBIN HODSON

2 PM TO 5 PM  CST US       
Cost is $40    



This Healing Workshop is designed for those who are brand new to spiritual healing and also for those who would like a refresher and an introduction to the guidelines for working within an NSAC facility. Robin is a seasoned tutor and his tutoring is in demand all over the world. Robin is the President of the International Spiritualist Federation (ISF) and President of Seafordspirit Spiritualist Church in the UK, and he teaches and demonstrates internationally. This is a three hour class and there will be theory as well as practical work done. The goal is to give you the information and practical experience necessary to go forward and, with practice and intent, become a proficient Spiritual Healer. There will be opportunities coming up within the Church to contribute and use your skills as a new healer if you should desire to do so. 
This class is sponsored by JT & EJ CRUMBAUGH SPIRITUALIST CHURCH and Rev. Nancy will assist Robin in class as necessary.