Rev. Stacy Kopchinski


Soul Portraits Workshop

Spirit Guides and the Universe are always trying to inspire and help us lead a fulfilling life experience. In this class we will talk about the ways spirit can help us and others on their journey through art. We will learn about soul portraits, soul path art and Spirit art. Soul portraits are your spiritual Soul captured in art; your real, higher self and can give you hope, inspiration, courage and so much more as it reminds you of the wonderful Divine Spark being you truly are.

All supplies will be included for the class. No artistic talent is needed as we draw our inspiration from Spirit.


Sunday Feb 9th 2pm to 4pm 

Children welcome too!


Reverend Stacy Kopchinski is a National Spiritualist Teacher, Commissioned Healer, and Certified Medium through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches and has been a Spiritualist many years. Stacy is the President of the LM/CM Society, Secretary Treasurer for the NST Club and is a member of the NSAC Healer’s League, Ministerial Association, ISF and Lily Dale Assembly.


Regular adult:         $35

Child: 10 to 16 yrs,              $20


Church or ISF*:       $30

Church and ISF*:    $25

Child of member:    $10

*Membership card or number needed


Interested in being a member?

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